Revolution & Independence

Freemasons contributed not only to the revolutionary war but to the drafting and signing of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The Enlightenment principles on which Modern Freemasonry is founded underpin both documents. It is important to emphasise nonetheless that not all of those involved were Freemasons and that Freemasonry was only one of many contributing factors.

The first three essays are taken from QC’s Freemasonry on the Frontier (2021) and the fourth from a past edition of AQC. They offer personal takes on Freemasonry prior to and after American Independence:

Hans Schwartz, ‘Freemasonry in Revolutionary Boston’

Mike Kearsley, ‘Rob Morris and the Conservator Movement’

Andrew Hammer, ‘Frontiers and the Future: The Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C’

Charles S. Plumb, ‘Distribution of the Constitutions in the United States’, AQC 43 (1930)